Managed IT Servicess

We proactively monitor your business computers, servers, network, and IT infrastructure 24/7 to prevent downtime. From laptops to servers and any business-critical software applications, we oversee your business’s information technology with live monitoring to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly.

IT Help Desk Services

Most IT Support companies work on the ‘break-fix’ model where they’re getting paid when your network fails. Their entire business model is based on getting paid when you experience downtime & when you lose access to your critical business services. Being a leading Toronto Managed Service Provider, we can help you enjoy a stress-free IT Environment.
The difference with our Proactive Support model is that we’re making money when you’re up and running. With that in mind, keeping your network operating smoothly is in our best interest. We understand the client’s need to phase his projects and create a streamlined way of offering solutions. Our Managed IT Services are built on this credible precept. With the right combination of World Class monitoring & MGMT tools as well as our industry-leading preventative maintenance approach, our Proactive Program will dramatically reduce the negative business impact of network downtime by minimizing both the duration and volume of IT failures. Our clients experience highly reliable and stable networks that allow them to focus on the critical business services that drive their businesses.

IT Consulting

From technical to the strategic environment, we can be your IT backbone as your business move along seamlessly. We provide specialized consulting services including but not limited to SharePoint Development and Customization, Application Support, Software Development, Disaster Recovery & Network Performance.

Business Continuity Plan

HASS IT will help you to create a prevention and recovery system from potential threats such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks. BCP is designed to protect personnel and assets and make sure they can function quickly when disaster strikes.

Security Camera Systems

Our Security Cameras systems offer a wide range of enterprise security cameras, including durable indoor and outdoor devices which will provide business intelligence by having real-time visibility and the ability to save the footage based on your retention policies.


One of our main IT specialties is to take care of the planning, design, and installation of Structured Data Cabling for your business. We have expertise in Structured Cabling, Network Cabling, CAT5, CAT6, Data drop, voice drops, surveillance Camera installation, and cabling. Our teams ensure the strictest adherence to site safety and policies.


HASS IT designs Cloud-based office phone services making your business more efficient and more accessible to your clients if they decide to call you. We replace existing phone equipment with a cloud-hosted PBX, which means you can make/receive calls via your desk or any mobile devices using web/desktop browsers or mobile apps. Our Cloud phone systems make it easier for your customers to contact your teams, turn any location into a workplace, and reduce your current expenses making sure no calls are missed. This is a revolution in how Canadian businesses communicate.

Office 365 & MS Teams

We can help you to reimagine the way you work with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. With a unified communication solution, your staff will be able to chat, call, host online meetings, and collaborate in real-time, whether they’re working remotely or on-site.

VMWare Solutions

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. An automated data center, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more effectively. VMware vSphere delivers resources, applications, and even servers; when and where they are needed. VMware customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating their resource pools and delivering highly available machines with VMware vSphere.

VPN Support

Since more and more companies are going mobile, allowing the staff to work from home or site locations while connecting to private company networks, this raises security problems from untrusted or outside sources. We can assist you in choosing the best value piece of hardware, integrating it with suitable technology, and implementing it into your present infrastructure to get it working as a value add to your business. This will provide a secure connection between your office and other location including your home or remote location.


At HASS IT we can help you to benefit from choosing SonicWall Network Security such as around-the-clock protection from the latest daily threats, secure mobile access with SSL VPN, regardless of the mobile operating system, and being cost-effective.

Cybersecurity Consulting

HASS IT Consulting experts assess your infrastructure to determine the effectiveness of security and check the modifications that need to be made to ensure you reach the security standards required. We will design the most efficient security solutions according to the need of your workplace and will apply our solutions with a well-planned process after assessing your existing security environment and then work to make it better.

Network Security

With network security assessment we’ll check how your IT network and infrastructure are stable, and also what loopholes or deficiencies need to be addressed. The Audit covers all major aspects of IT processes including security vulnerabilities, Unknown Network Issues, or specific problems on the network, Virtualization studies, Backup and Security, Internet Access, System availability, optimization, and other deficiencies.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

We will help you to design a risk assessment methodology in order to ensure 24/7 service availability of your business operations. Our job is to identify potential risks and threats to your business environment and define methods to safeguard against, deal with and eliminate said risks, as well as indicate the viability, probability, and impact of these risks on your daily operation.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Now it’s more important than ever for organizations to increase security awareness among their staff because the employees of an organization are the primary target of cybercriminals to gather and misuse sensitive information by exploiting various loopholes like their email, remote IP addresses, or other credentials. We provide you with cybersecurity awareness training to your employees, equipping them with the necessary knowledge as well as particular precautionary measures and strategies required to handle the security operations of your organization, which would greatly help in ensuring that your organization’s assets and data are protected against any kind of online breaches by cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Assessment Incident Response Plan

We’ll create and implement an incident response plan for you to ensure you’re prepared and respond swiftly in case of a system Failure. Your tailored incident response plan will be based on an industry-standard incident response framework consisting of these seven phases: preparation, identification, assessment, containment, eradication, recovery, and follow-up/lesson learned.


HASS IT has the technical knowledge to support businesses in multiple verticals such as law firms, telecommunications, real estate agencies, medical sectors, and internet service providers. We have built customized IT solutions for law firms and lawyers to help simplify their administration process, improve their data security, help them easily maintain compliance, and allow them to focus on defending their clients. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud, configure industry-specific software, or need responsive, professional technicians you can count on us. Application Support, Software Development, Disaster Recovery & Network Performance.


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